Wandering Son, Vol. 3

Wandering Son Vol As shown in the first two volumes of this acclaimed series Shuichi and his friend Yoshino have a secret Shuichi is a boy who wants to be a girl and Yoshino is a girl who wants to be a boy But one da

  • Title: Wandering Son, Vol. 3
  • Author: Takako Shimura Matt Thorn
  • ISBN: 9781606995334
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As shown in the first two volumes of this acclaimed series, Shuichi and his friend Yoshino have a secret Shuichi is a boy who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who wants to be a boy.But one day, abruptly, their secret is exposed, and the two find themselves the target of sixth grade cruelty Their friendship is strained, as Yoshino makes a half hearted effort at bAs shown in the first two volumes of this acclaimed series, Shuichi and his friend Yoshino have a secret Shuichi is a boy who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who wants to be a boy.But one day, abruptly, their secret is exposed, and the two find themselves the target of sixth grade cruelty Their friendship is strained, as Yoshino makes a half hearted effort at being a normal girl and their mentor, Yuki, reveals the harder reality of being transgendered Meanwhile, Shuichi s sister, Maho, realizes her dream of becoming a model, and drags Shuichi along for the ride Shuichi meets another boy who wants to be a girl, and finds himself on an arranged date with a boy who doesn t know that the girl he has a crush on is actually a boy.After an unhurried, almost leisurely buildup that gave us an opportunity to get to know and understand our protagonists, artist Shimura picks up the pace in this latest volume, with tears and laughs aplenty A sophisticated work translated with rare sophistication by veteran translator and comics scholar Matt Thorn.

    Wandering Son, Vol by Takako Shimura Jun , Wandering Son Volume One is a graphic novel written and drawn by Shimura Takako, and published by Fantagraphic Books The book is about two fifth graders, both who are exploring their respective gender identities The Wandering Son series spans over volumes and counting though only the first two volumes have been translated into English Wandering Son Volume Seven Hardcover Gender bending has a long been a staple in manga, but it s rarely treated with the nuance and sensitivity of Shimura Takako s Wandering Son Matt White, Publishers Weekly Wandering Son is an important manga series, much celebrated for the sensitive treatment of its two young transgender protagonists It offers nuanced portrayals Wandering Son Vol Shimura Aug , This volume continues the story as the main characters start their second year of middle school When Doi who had bullied Shuuichi and Takatsuki back in elementary school happens to see Shuuichi with Yuki san one day, it starts a chain of events that includes Doi and Oka walking back from school with Makoto and Shuuichi, and ultimately leads to one heck of a cliff hanger at end of this volume. Wandering Son Vol Fantagraphics Books Wandering Son Vol Rachel Thorn, Shimura Takako Shimura Takako s Wandering Son has been rightly hailed as one of the most progressive and enlightened treatments of gender identity in the history of comics The eighth volume continues to explore the lives of its characters with insight and sensitivity. Wandering Son, Vol by Takako Shimura Aug , Wandering Son has garnered extensive praise from the GLBT community, from manga fans, and from comics fans in general for its uniquely funny, warm, and sensitive treatment of the travails of two Japanese tweens who find themselves coping with the Wandering Son Hourou Musuko Vol by Shimura Takako May , Wandering Son is a sophisticated work of literary manga translated with rare skill and sensitivity by veteran translator and comics scholar Matt Thorn Category Entertainment

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      245 Takako Shimura Matt Thorn
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    One thought on “Wandering Son, Vol. 3”

    1. I think I'm done here. There's still some good stuff here, and most of the characters are honest and sweet and lovely to read. But Yuki crosses the line from vaguely creepy to actually predatory in this volume, and I just can't. I seriously don't know what the writer is thinking with her, and I don't really want to stick around to find out.

    2. There is a great deal I appreciate about this series. Mostly, it's refreshing to see media about trans individuals that's subtle. Nitori and Takatsuki are not larger-than-life trans characters, but instead utterly relatable adolescents struggling with their identities. While avoiding creating a fantasy land devoid of adversity, Takako allows her protagonists to explore gender with grace, even if their fictional classmates don't extend the same courtesy. I also appreciated that, despite a realist [...]

    3. I love this manga so much. Nitori and Takatsuki are adorable kids and I love them.I think this volume is my least favorite so far, it's leaning on a heavier side of things. There is bullying, transophobic insults and a very questionable actions of adult.I love the realness of the story, the characters are fully fleshed and their dynamic is interesting to read. Nitori and Takatsuki had a bit of falling out, so they were dealing with their conflict and trying to mend things. I like Nitori's new fr [...]

    4. Describing this volume is difficult because the series isn't about one thing anymore. Shuichi Nitori's life is expanding, and we're seeing more of his classmates as his story gets out and affects others. Maho, Nitori's sister, drags him along on a talent audition and they wind up both getting accepted – as girls. Nitori's journal is stolen and read in front of other kids, leading to some harassment, but also to another boy, Mako, confiding in him about wanting to dress like a girl. Takatsuki b [...]

    5. Wandering Son takes a slice of life approach to its coming of age story, but to get a full picture Shuichi and Yoshino's journey it's best to follow them from the beginning. Start with volume 1.Shimura's beautifully melancholy coming of age epic featuring a pair of transgender children continues along wonderfully in its best volume yet. The delicate balance between the few that know Shuichi and Yoshino's secrets is upended when an unfortunate incident at school brings bigotry and cruelty down on [...]

    6. This was my favorite volume so far. It did such a good job making me remember what junior high was like, with the awkwardness, fights between friends, and the sense that no one understands you. I knew how hard it was for me, and I can't even imagine how much harder it must be for kids like Shuichi and Yoshino. I really liked Shuichi's new friend, and the insights that friend was able to provide were really interesting, and their sense of humor and perspective were priceless. It was nice seeing S [...]

    7. There's something refreshingly realistic about most of the plot in this volume of Wandering Son. The book goes well beyond the minds of the protagonists, and showcases the responses of family, friends and schoolmates to various aspects of gender identity. These are characters I want to keep around a while.

    8. We're starting to add a little drama and a little conflict; like, cosmically speaking, it's all very low stakes, personal stuff, but it feels huge and very real. I get it. My instinct is to want to protect these kids. That's a big theme actually: balancing protecting yourself with protecting your friends. It's an interesting idea and an incredibly important one. I love every character. They are all processing their lives in such authentic ways.

    9. Generally this manga is still great but like many others have said, Yuki and her actions are just not good. And it gets highlighted because Nitori and Takatsuki's parts are handled more subtly.

    10. I really like that this series isn't focused on just one aspect of the kids' lives. Obviously the gender issues are pretty central, but you see other things too—the intricate dynamics within a group of friends, the everyday scenes at home with their parents (who are okay so far, at least neutral if not actively supportive, but you have to wonder if they really understand or are just thinking it's a silly phase the kids are going through). In this volume, Shuichi and Yoshino start writing an "e [...]

    11. Come check out my book blog! Teenage BookaholicSYNOPSIS: *Note: This is a review for the first six volumes of the series*The period of adolescence is full of confusion, growth, and discovery. Shuichi Nitori and Yoshino Takatsuki are entering this time in their lives, along with their classmates of course. But both students share a secret that adds to the confusion of adolescence, and could damage their social life: Shuichi is a boy who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who wants to be a [...]

    12. This is my favourite volume in the Wandering Son series so far. I found it very heart warming that Nitori makes another friend to help him figure out his feelings about what being transgendered means for things like dating, friendship, and what others think of him. Nitori is still pre-teen, but that's not to say people of that age don't think about these things.I feel like Nitori is exploring his feelings a lot more than Takatsuki is, who doesn't seem to want to deal with the peer pressure. The [...]

    13. I like these books. Shimura Takako is an amazing author and I have a lot of respect her (or for ANYBODY who can draw because I seriously can't. Seriously.). I love this story and these characters. So why 3 stars when the first two volumes were 4 and 5 stars? Hold your horses and I'll tell you. ;)What I didn't like was the grossness in the middle between Takatsuki-san and Yuki-san where Yuki-san turns into a total pedophile-like weirdo. Nothing happens, but it was freaking strange. In fact, (the [...]

    14. TW: Child sexual abuse (warning for anyone who's interested in this series bc it's about trans kids)This book had the same problem as the second volume. There are adult characters who are presented as role models who keep behaving sexually inappropriately with the CHILD protagonists. In the last volume, a grown man groped a fifth grader's crotch in an attempt to determine their ~real~ gender. In this one, a grown woman pretty much makes a sexual advance on the same child, including persuading th [...]

    15. This manga has really found its groover now and has started to do everything right. You won't find big plot twists or massive drama here, it's more of the same as the previous two volumes only better. At the heart of volume 3 is Takatsuki's crisis and her decision to give up her tomboyish ways and to wear skirts again. She visits Yuki who doesn't behave well and tries to sleep with Takatsuki, who gets scared and tries to run away. What I liked about this scene was how there was no vicious pedoph [...]

    16. So I've been reading the hardbound collected editions of this at my library, and would recommend that anyone who can get one (maybe through an interlibrary loan or else if they can find it affordably to own) should read it that way; having the artwork physically in front of you does make it perfectly manageable to tell everyone apart or notice scene transitions and overall enjoy the story, and this simple character art style is rather appealing to me, but those may frustrate people who are readi [...]

    17. This remains a remarkable and interesting series. The most powerful section for me was when Shu and Yoshino's secret was discovered by their classmates, although I felt the whole idea was dropped a little quickly. It's not really resolved, but I find myself a bit incredulous that their classmates aren't getting more mileage out of that one.The scene with Yoshino and Yuki was odd. I didn't quite understand the vibe, and it made me really uncomfortable because it seemed like something I would cons [...]

    18. Waited a bit before I ended up getting the third volume, and like the first two, it did not disappoint. I enjoyed the story and art very much, and you can tell as a reader that things are getting more serious for Nitori and Takatsuki. In the first book things were light and airy, and in the second things were a little more serious. In this one, people at school find out about their secret and the hurtful words and actions come out, and the two friends have a misunderstanding. I was also angry wi [...]

    19. With the third volume, the story finally kicks into gear. While the preceding two installments did a good job introducing the two main characters and their gender-identity issues, there wasn't a lot of actual drama. But the homophobic boy introduced at the end of the last volume comes back here and upends the status quo by outing Nitori and Takatsuki. At the same time the love-triangle between Nitori, his sister and the guy who fell in love with him after seeing him in drag continues its awkward [...]

    20. This is definitely improving. The kids start to deal with more bullying and both feel compelled to hide themselves again. The way they deal with it seems really realistic. Yuki Man, I still don't really know what to think about Yuki. She's totally kind of creepy in this volume, but once she realizes that she's coming across as creepy, she says she will never do it again and is actually really comforting. But I can't quite bring myself to like her or her relationship with the kids yet. Maybe she' [...]

    21. I really like this story over all. I don't like that they made the adult transvestite borderline sexual predator, nor do I like that the boy keeps getting called a freak. I know this is true to life attitudes, but it just makes it seem like it is pointless to try to be ourselves and to love ourselves. Why can't we have a more supportive outer cast? I know his friends are supportive, but does the world have to remain cruel even in fiction?

    22. I still feel like a bit, or a lot, is getting lost in the translation from Japanese to English, but I'm hanging in there.Shuichi and Yoshino's secrets are revealed at school which makes life much more difficult and the bullying begins. Both kids are upset and confused, but Yoshino seemingly more than Shuichi. Shuichi makes a new friend in Makoto (Mako) so I think that helps keep him from feeling totally alone.There's a lot more going on with Maho, Saori and Seya too!

    23. welp there goes my hopes that yuki's mentoring wouldn't go to a creepy placethis series does a really good job with its middle school characters -- nitori, maho, takatsuki, they all ring very true to me. the tone is very sweetly realistic which makes it jarring to go to yuki who's showing all signs of being a predatory stereotype:((((((still i like nitori's new friend and how they handled the pre-adolescent romance angle this volume so i'm enjoying the story overall4 stars

    24. This is such an interesting series. It offers a very realistic look at life in Japan for two young people who are not happy in their own skins. The author has made it clear to us that Japan is very conservative and does not look especially kindly on those who are either transgender or homosexual, and we get to see that in their experiences in school. This series provides a safe outlet for readers in the same circumstances to explore their own "what ifs".

    25. I like that Nitori seems to be coming to better terms with his "condition" (a term that I use for lack of a better one here). I just do not like that his sister fixed him up with the guy, Seya, that she actually wanted to date herself. However, his friend outing him, while he was on the date was not the way to handle it, either. But, seeing the siblings defend one another against the cruel model hopefuls was indeed a nice plot twist.

    26. There's starting to be a little more heft to the story in this volume, but I feel like I'm losing quite a bit of depth to my lack of Japanese cultural knowledge. The cuts from scene to scene and the passage of time seem abrupt as well. Still, it's an unusual subject well approached, so I'll probably read future volumes. I have loved the translator's notes in the back- very interesting.

    27. This title definitely grows on you. I find myself liking it more than I expected to back when I was reading volume 1. Now we're on volume 3. Secrets come out. Friendships are tested. New friends are made. It's still basically a sweet, feel-good read. I'm definitely curious to see where everyone ends up.

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