Happiness In Jersey

Happiness In Jersey The only thing in Jersey Kincaid s world that she has time for are keeping her grades up so that she doesn t lose her scholarship to South Texas University playing the bass in her band The Prototype

  • Title: Happiness In Jersey
  • Author: Jacinta Howard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The only thing in Jersey Kincaid s world that she has time for are keeping her grades up so that she doesn t lose her scholarship to South Texas University, playing the bass in her band, The Prototype, and satisfying her coffee addiction Oh, and the occasional random hook up she indulges in to pass the time Love Eh, not so much Save that crap for a Katherine Heigl or NThe only thing in Jersey Kincaid s world that she has time for are keeping her grades up so that she doesn t lose her scholarship to South Texas University, playing the bass in her band, The Prototype, and satisfying her coffee addiction Oh, and the occasional random hook up she indulges in to pass the time Love Eh, not so much Save that crap for a Katherine Heigl or Natalie Portman movie.Jersey s seen enough in life courtesy of her Pops to realize that undying romance is nothing than a myth used to sell books and movie tickets As she knows too well, the only thing inevitable in life is death love is definitely not promised.That s why when Jersey meets Isaiah Zay Broussard with his soulful gray eyes, quick wit and easy charm, she s determined to remain aloof She doesn t have time to get sidetracked by fleeting fantasies, even if she does feel an unexplainable connection to Zay she s never experienced before But when his interest in her only seems to intensify, despite her attempts to brush him off, she gets to see a side of him and herself she didn t expect

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    1. Happiness in Jersey by Jacinta Howard is one of those books that your heart just wasn’t prepared for. It just grabs you and doesn’t let go. For me, the tell-tale sign is that when I wake up in the morning, my first thoughts are about the main character in the book, Jersey. I was worried about her. How is she? What’s going to happen next? Yes, in other words, I was obsessed.Jersey Kinkaid doesn’t believe in love. The only thing inevitable in life is death, she believes. She tries to make [...]

    2. So, Jacinta Howard is two for two. I love her writing voice. She’s skilled at sucking you into a story, and after this one I’m looking forward to whatever else she writes. Despite the fact that these are young people, they’re very mature because of their life’s experiences, and I actually enjoyed Happiness in Jersey more than I did her first book – Better Than Okay. I didn’t even think that was possible. This is another story about young love (Jacinta has me being all cougar-ish, fal [...]

    3. This book is blues and love, the song of Zay and Jersey's relationship was like a well written song. The first time Zay lays eyes on Jersey I knew their story would be powerful and I was not disappointed. I was emotionally connected to these characters I cared and rooted for them even when they did not act as I wanted them to. They shared music and I could hear the music as the played on stage. The very first time Zay had a performance I was there too the author showed me and I loved the way he [...]

    4. With Jersey Kinkaid and Isaiah “Zay” Broussard you see love meet and love unfold. Jersey is protective of Jersey, she’s guarded and portrays a “don’t care” attitude. It is what got her this far in life. It is what helped her survive the suicide of her mother and being raised by a “fault Jersey” drunkard as a father. It is what helped her with relationships, which she doesn’t do.In steps Zay, and he sees her with new eyes. You feel that no one was ever meant to see her that way, [...]

    5. Read this book! Really! So beautifully written and gripping. Review to comeHere's my full review of Happiness in JerseyHappiness in Jersey is the opposite of wack. In fact, it's anti-wack! Okay, I'm gonna stop with the "wack" references for now (there are a few very cute scenes where this word comes up - I couldn't help myself!), and I'm going to get to my review. I want to say upfront that I hate YA books. Okay hate might be a tad strong, but they aren't my favorite. That said, I loved Happines [...]

    6. Another hit from Jacinta!!I received an ARC for my honest opinion. Three words: I LOVED IT!!Like her other book, I felt connected to the characters, which I liked. Jersey is in a band with her friends Devin, Travis and Bam. Travis' cousin Isaiah (Zay) comes over while they are practicing and he is instantly drawn to her.(calling her Kitten)She tried to convince him and everyone else that she was not interested in him, but as time goes on, that changes.Jersey is a strong young woman and she has s [...]

    7. So I finished the book. It was great just as I knew it would be! I think I feel I love with Zay a little lol. But seriously, it was great. It was a reminder of the power of love. It took me back too To a time when possibilities were endless & I thought I was grown lol. So although the target audience is the younger crowd, I'm sure the older crowd would enjoy it as well because it has the power to bring you back to teenage years. It's very refreshing. It also takes you away from life. When I' [...]

    8. This is an APB Perspective Review Well I am finally done and the notation from the author at the back helped me understand my difficulty initially with the book. With that said. I have again fallen in love with Jacinta's writing. HIJ is a layered read. She took us on a journey through the many layers that made Jersey the girl I grew to Love. I was a Zay fan out the gate and Jersey needed a strong Male character to help counter act that NO good SOAB called her dad. The emotional growth was told i [...]

    9. ** MEGAN's 5 STAR REVIEW ** This quite possibly be the hardest review I’ve had to write. Why? Well, because my words won’t come close to how awesomely awesome this book is. I’ve highlighted my butt off and I want to add so many quotes or simple lines because I’ll never be able to tell you how I feel when I read it. I will try though. I just came off a stellar 3-book series and I probably was an idiot to start a book the next day because I thought I’d be in a book hang-over. But, I gues [...]

    10. Finding that one person in life who makes you a better person is never easy. Love takes time and patience. It also takes two people willing to make it work. But when your soul has been trampled on and beaten down to the point that you don't feel as if you deserve the happiness they can give you, it makes for a tough and rocky relationship, even if you know that relationship can be everything you want it to be. Such is the story of Jersey and Zay. Emotionally broken and carrying around a ton of b [...]

    11. Happiness in Jersey was a deeply emotional book. Not only was it about a couple comIng together, it was also about two individuals learning to forgive themselves and to move on from their troubled pasts.Jersey, the main character, was a scarred, scared, empty young woman upon first meeting. She was a user who seemed to think running through males was what she deserved. She would not commit to anyone. She only committed to herself, her schooling, and her music. It was obvious that she was searchi [...]

    12. 4.5 stars upgraded to 5This is one of those fill good books. The type you can’t get enough of. The type of story you can read at any hour. The type of book with the right amounts of humor, angst, and slow burn. Happiness in Jersey has all those elements and more. It is a well crafted romance that stirred every emotion in me while reading. Simply put, it’s damn good.I don’t want to summarize the characters or the story like I tend to do, but what I will say is that this is a story about acc [...]

    13. Another Great Read- BRAB Online Book ClubJersey Kincaid has had a tough childhood, never actually knowing her mother and living with an emotionally abusive father; resulted in some very bad choices. Her saving grace was playing bass in a band with her best friend Devin, while attending college.Isaiah "Zay" Broussard, was a young man who experienced a very tragic event when he lost his brother and sister in an accident. As part of his healing process, he left New Orleans for a fresh start. The fi [...]

    14. This was my first read from Jacinta,and will definitely not be the last! Jersey and Zay's story took. Me. Through. It! (it =emotional gauntlet. Jeez!) Jersey was funny without trying, and sympathetic without coming off as whiny. She was also tiresome,but understandably so. Her hard shell was formed to deal with some effed up things (that daddy of hers makes me stabby), but it was really sweet to watch Zay break through alladat to get down to the real Jersey. That boy had AWWWWWWW the patience in [...]

    15. "I want you. I want to keep you. Like, put you in my pocket so you can't get away." Those are the words Zay says to Jersey and it's the moment he totally wins my heart as well. This novel will show you raw emotion, trials, tribulations, sas, class, heartache, love, lust, friendship, and in the end you will of loved the ride. The chemistry between Zay & Jersey is undeniable and raw. "But I love you like the sunrise, Jersey. It's natural, it's impossible to stop, but I'll always choose to ackn [...]

    16. DeepThis story was very Intriguing and very Deep. It pulls at the heart and soul. I laughed and I cried because I felt as if I were there living Jersey's life. Character Chemistry was on point as in each Jacinta Howard book I've read. I would love to read more from Jersey, Zay, Devin, Willow, Travis, and Bam. Learning to Trust and Love when you're not used to having either is very difficult and can sometimes cause you to give up on ever obtaining it. This is an absolute must read story that's De [...]

    17. Wow! This was my first read from this author, and what a great introduction to her work this was. I just loved Jersey and Zay, and the emotional roller coaster their story took me on. The bond between the two was so undeniable, I was rooting for this couple like I knew them personally. The secondary characters were also well written, they made the story that much more enjoyable. If you're looking for a great new adult romance, definitely check out Happiness in Jersey!

    18. At first I thought that I was too old to read books about college students, but I think that this is a beautifully written story for all ages. It's not just a great love story, it's a story about pain, loss, moving on, not letting your past define you, the therapeutic effect of music, and realizing that love is worth the risk. Loved it! Now if I could only find my own Zay :)

    19. Happiness In Jersey (The Prototype Book 1)This novel is about Zay Broussard and Jersey Kincaid's life and 💘 story. I read these books in the opposite order and it worked for me. It's all 💘 though, right?

    20. Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakPURCHASE IT ►►► Jersey wasn’t easily likable because of her baggage and issues in life – but she’ll win you over. She puts on the tough-girl persona, but deep inside she’s a little girl who’s desperate to feel that she belonged. No thanks to her father who drinks and calls her to berate her . She didn’t believe in love, you can’t blame her for it. I was watching her cover-up and ran away from each possible emotion. She had no one except [...]

    21. ARC kindly provided for honest reviewThe first page hooked me so hard I couldn’t put the book back down after I began. Jersey is a no-nonsense college student/bass player who doesn’t exactly come off as chipper. She’s brash but interesting. There’s a lot below the surface that I’m dying to find out about who Jersey is but more so WHY Jersey is. Why does she have that hard facade? When sexy, gray-eyed Zay shows up at his cousin and Jersey’s bandmate’s house, Jersey is stunned but al [...]

    22. Confession: When I first started reading this book, and realized that Jersey was 19, I almost stopped reading. My kids are 24 and 26, and I hear enough of their young love angst, that I didn't think I would be interested in reading about someone even younger. But, a couple of my book buddies had read the book and recommended it highly, so I kept on reading. I'm so glad I did! This was such a good story! And it had me all in my feelings - had me in tears at my desk and on the train, lol. Jersey i [...]

    23. I received this book to review from Netgalley and when I first started it I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not. But it definitely took me by surprise! The novel follows a girl in college with the unique name, Jersey Kinkaid. She's an almost 4.0 student that also plays bass in a band named Prototype. Sounds like the perfect life however she has a past that leads her to not make the best decisions in her personal life. Everything is routine in her life until a guy named Isaiah "Zay" Brouss [...]

    24. I loved Jersey and her story. As a person who has difficulty dealing with her feelings she was so relatable. Her college experience will sound familiar to many women. The way Jacinta builds the relationships between her characters is so natural and beautiful. Jersey doesn't want to date and she doesn't aspire to love for her future. She kind of keeps everyone (including her friends) at arm’s length or in a box. Her friends were one of my favorite things in the story. They all support and allow [...]

    25. A love story that is a beautiful love song. It is moving and powerful and will literally strum your heart strings. Jersey is a bass player and songstress in the band Prototype when Isaiah "Zay" shows up during one of their practice jam sessions. Zay is introduced by his cousin Travis, one of the band members, to everyone. Jersey is dumbstruck and surprised by her reaction to him. "But mostly I was just watching gray eyes. He was fine as hell. Sexy in a way that made girls stupid and panty-less. [...]

    26. When your past dictates your every waking moment, it's kind of hard to move forwardor sometimes even breathe. This was Jersey's truth. In a life filled with grief she found solace in music. But not even music can drown out fears that tug at the heart.d mind. However, when she meets Zay, her whole world shifts and just maybe finding happiness in herself is possible.I need a minute. This book had me so emotional. At one point I had goosebumps. Like how the hell did that happen!? I throughly enjoye [...]

    27. The author has a terrific voice and writing style. So many of the lines were lyrical. Loved the deepening friendship between Jersey and Zay. However, I felt the book went on way too long with Jersey's reluctance to be with Zay completely. This has such a new adult feel with the tortured young adult, coming of age and feeling alone after some traumatic incident forces them to put up walls around their heart. That was Jersey. Her feelings about what her mom did and her Pops' subsequent behavior ca [...]

    28. Zay and Jersey's story was really, really good. Although, Jersey got under my skin a little bit in the beginning, after you I learned her story, I couldn't help but to love her more. Jersey had been through so much in her young life. I just wanted to wrap her up in my arms and hold her and tell her that she's not alone and that everything would be okay. Under all the armor she put up, I saw a frightened little girl who never knew the love of a parent. I can't imagine how that must feel. I loved [...]

    29. Don't let the title Happiness In Jersey fool you, this book has nothing to do with the state of New Jersey. Jersey is one of the characters.Jersey is a strong girl who has been dealt a lot of not so good stuff. She is attending college on a partial scholarship and working at a coffee shop. She plays base in a band called Prototype. She doesn't believe in love and believes that death is the only inevitable thing in life. Jersey is definitely an interesting character. The guys in Prototype are all [...]

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