Just Needs Killin'

Just Needs Killin Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht and she s not afraid to use it After several months of cruising Mexico s hauntingly beautiful Sea of Cortez Hetta s in Puerto Escondido a place once

  • Title: Just Needs Killin'
  • Author: Jinx Schwartz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht and she s not afraid to use it After several months of cruising Mexico s hauntingly beautiful Sea of Cortez, Hetta s in Puerto Escondido, a place once described by author John Steinbeck as a magic harbor Anchored out, swaying on the hook at the whim of breeze and tide, surrounded by magnificent views and turquoise waterHetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht and she s not afraid to use it After several months of cruising Mexico s hauntingly beautiful Sea of Cortez, Hetta s in Puerto Escondido, a place once described by author John Steinbeck as a magic harbor Anchored out, swaying on the hook at the whim of breeze and tide, surrounded by magnificent views and turquoise water can be magical Stuck at anchor alone Not so much.So when her best friend, Jan, gets them an invite to a party at a nearby luxury resort hosted by a Japanese businessman all expenses paid Hetta figures, why not Why turn down an evening of free food and booze And besides, what could possibly go wrong With Hetta involved Plenty.Not only are she and Jan soon up to their necks in hot sake, a succession of unsavory intruders sends Hetta scurrying for a safe harbor, but not before she reaches the conclusion that some folks just need killin.

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    1. Just Needs Killin' (Hetta Coffey Mystery, #6) by Jinx Schwartz is an audio book I requested and the review is voluntary. This is a strange mystery, at least different from mysteries I am use to. The two girls of the story break laws, or try to break laws, and don't seem to think anything about it. They somehow get mixed up in the Japanese mafia, find a dead body but don't turn the murder in. Plan a murder, steal precious items, and they don't seem to care too much. (Maybe the friend, not the mai [...]

    2. Hetta is a full time boater, or is it called Yachty? She has been since she decided to ditch conventional life, somewhere around book two of the series. Book 6 brings Hetta and her gal-pal, Jan, back to Magdalena Bay, Mexico. She takes a job with Jan's beau, Chino and the gang on their expedition to find the lost Japanese galleon under the Mexican sea of Cortez.Soon Hetta finds herself in over her head and deep in doodoo over some treasure she's determined to keep for herself, and Jan, of course [...]

    3. Hetta and Jan are at it again in this exciting and fun cozy mystery of the coast Baja, California. Jan arrives unexpectedly to visit a Hetta. There is a party tonight that Jan is invited and she wants Hetta go with her. Once there they learn an old friend, Ishikawa is the host. They find him DEAD with head cut off. Hetta takes pictures and they leave.Hetta is picked up by the Mexican police and thinks she is going to jail. Aunt Lil enters the story. They joined Chino his research vessel determin [...]

    4. A pleasurethis series I enjoy for reasons that have nothing to do with plot. the writing, humor, intelligence and characters make it all worthwhile. if I read the plot of each book it wouldn't sound very interesting yet surprise! it is because of this author's writing style. looking forward to the next

    5. Another great Hetta Coffey romp from Jinx Schwartz -- humor, mystery, and a boat ride no one will forget easily. The book stands alone very well, but any reader who has the option to start with series #1 and move forward in order, will especially enjoy visiting old friends, recognizing places, and finding surprise connections when they arise.

    6. A good fun read. Others have related the somewhat complicated storyline but it's set in the world of the Sea of Cortez, deep sea diving and archealogical discovery mixed in with Mexican gangsters and tough women. Worth the read.

    7. Loved this entire series. The antics of Hetta and Jan are really page turning material. Believe I read through this one faster than the others. Really a great series, hope there is a follow up, a must read in my opinion.

    8. Enjoyable readThe plot seems very far fetched, but that is fiction for you. I will most likely pread this author again.

    9. This has got to be the best Betts yet. The way that woman can get into trouble is just amazing. But how she manages to stay ahead of death is even more amazing. Can't wait till the next one.

    10. WonderfulI really enjoyed this 6th book in the series. Hetta is wonderful and I love her zaney fiends. Start with bok one and read the whole series you will not be disappointed.

    11. Good and funny read!Good and funny read!enjoyed this storyke the others s t starring Hetta! Her 'adventures' make me ad I don't have e a boat!

    12. Entertaining.Was very entertaining to follow Hetta Coffey, her adventures of hunting Spanish and Japanese ships. Recovering gold and silver coins, Ming dynasty vases. Easy read.

    13. GringasHetta needs a vacation. She's in the area of some of the most beautiful beaches and she needs a vacation. ? Well with her and Jan's luck they probably should give Mexico a break and take one. Hetta joins Jan on Chino's expedition ship for part of the summer while they do research of a possible location of a sunken ship some 400+ years ago. While they are on their expedition they notice that the two Oriental mates take off everyday on their Pangas and usually return a couple of hours later [...]

    14. Another Hetta adventure! While this is #6 in the series, I read #8 first. While there is clearly a lot of backstory by this time, it did not impact my enjoyment of either of these romps.While Hetta is clearly an agent of chaos, for good and ill, the plots are pretty implausible- but that's part of the fun. Coincidences abound- despite what Hetta thinks- and it can all get pretty silly. And I am pretty sure that if I mapped out the plotlines, there would be places that simply do not work- but I'm [...]

    15. Another good one!I get such a kick out of the Hetta Coffee books! Jan and Hetta can get in more trouble and come up with the craziest schemes to escape their troubles. Jinx Schwartz , author, has a zany sense of humor that I am kept laughing at her characters antics and their explanations . Looking forward to the next one!

    16. I purely love the way Jinx Schwartz writes the Hetta mysteries. I willingly go along for the ride, because I know it will end up in a good place (for the reader and for Hetta too, which she needs after the agony Jinx puts her through). This is one of my favorites!

    17. Hetta Coffey is such a hoot! Imagine having a friend like her? It would be hard not to say "Do not call me again" LOL

    18. LOL This is the first Hetta Coffey book I've read, I laughed until I cried. Jinx Schwartz blew me away! Funniest book I've read in a long time.

    19. Just Needs Killin’Hetta Coffey Mysteries, Book 6By Jinx Schwartz“Just Needs Killin’” is the 6th and, as of this review on September 20, 2014, the final book in the Hetta Coffey Mystery series. Hetta is a single 30-40 yr old (39 at the start of the series/40 from the 4th book on) who lives her life on the edge – perhaps the edge of sanity. She is a civil engineer who lost her job with a big company, but thanks to a friend, Trob, in the company, receives independent contracting jobs from [...]

    20. I love Hetta Coffey and her best friend Jan, but she always seems to find trouble wherever she goes. But this time it is Jan who starts the snowball. After accepting an invitation to what seems to be an easy little payday by being arm candy for a Japanese businessman at a luau in Mexico, Jan (who checks in under Hetta's name) finds her escort literally split in two. Thus begins the mad cap adventure of these two where they hide out on an expedition searching for sunken artifacts and find more th [...]

    21. Well, damn! Guess I've just finished series 6 of the Hetta Coffey series and there isn't a 7th yet? Having read all 6 and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one, I can say her 6th in the series did not disappoint--come on, Ms. Schwartz--you've left it wide open for another!In "Just Needs Killin'", Hetta finds herself again at odds with Lujan, a Mexican drug lord with whom she's run up against before. She was biding her time, floating on her 45' yacht at peace--maybe too much of a good thing--in P [...]

    22. Betts Was Killin' ME.This book took on a totally different spin than I expected, and not at all in my pick of genres, I found! I feel the book deserved the four star rating on the sheer humor alone. It was a good story and the research was brilliantly brought to life throughout most of the book. The history lesson, 101, was intriguing within its own rights. I absolutely loved the friendship, which may be a gross understatement, between Jan and Hetta. That was the kind of friendship we could all [...]

    23. Another great read!Hetta and Jan just seem to always get into trouble, and this book is no exception. I really enjoyed another story about an area with which I am familiar. Sea of Cortez, Mag Bay, Puerto San Carlos, CD. Constitution! All familiar areas. Keep the stories coming!

    24. I liked the sarcastic wit in this book. I'm so glad it was written in Hetta's POV. Hetta and Jan are an unlikely duo who witness the beheaded body of Ishikawa a Japanese yakuza boss. And from there things spiral out of control. Maybe because I didn't read her previous adventures I didn't know Lujan and his goons, but I wasn't frightened of him at all. In fact I found the whole book funny. I like that Hetta could laugh at herself and point out her physical flaws as well. The best part of the book [...]

    25. Just Needs Readin'The plot seems a bit too fantastical to be rated with more stars. On the other hand, the central character. for any woman who grew up in Texas. is reminiscent of someone you have known or currently know. The conversational writing style reminded me of stories told by some old-timer rocking on the porch. Caught up in it. you just can't believe the end came so soon.

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