Give It All

Give It All A hot new Desert Dogs novel from the author of Lay It Down Keep your friends close and your enemies closer Bar owner Raina Harper can t say for sure what Duncan Welch is to her With her small Nevada t

  • Title: Give It All
  • Author: Cara McKenna
  • ISBN: 9780451471277
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • A hot new Desert Dogs novel from the author of Lay It Down Keep your friends close and your enemies closer Bar owner Raina Harper can t say for sure what Duncan Welch is to her With her small Nevada town under siege by a ruthless casino development and still reeling from a spate of murders, she knows that trusting the public face of the corporate invaders is risky toA hot new Desert Dogs novel from the author of Lay It Down Keep your friends close and your enemies closer Bar owner Raina Harper can t say for sure what Duncan Welch is to her With her small Nevada town under siege by a ruthless casino development and still reeling from a spate of murders, she knows that trusting the public face of the corporate invaders is risky to say the least Though, damn, it s one fine looking face Duncan may be a mercenary when it comes to getting the job done, but he s no villain In fact, the calculating fixer soon finds himself in the bad guys crosshairs, framed and facing professional ruin To clear his name, he ll need help from Raina and her roughneck motorcycle club, the Desert Dogs Gaining their trust won t be easy, and the molten sexual tension between Raina and Duncan only makes things complicated especially since Miah Church, Raina s friend and ex lover, would sooner strangle Duncan than shake his hand One thing s certain, though If they don t deal with their incendiary attraction soon, the whole damn town might go up in flames.

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      327 Cara McKenna
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    1. 4 stars. Review posted February 12, 2015your feelings about it will be your problem."Even though Give It All ties into Lay It Down, I'm positive that you can read this second installment as a stand-alone. Go ahead and take a pleasurable dive into Duncanmessland.I love Cara McKenna's writing, the witty dialogue cracks me up and the way she writes chemistry and the MCs attraction to each other is such a delight to read. And don't get me started on her smoking' hot sex scenes. Gah. So good.I really [...]

    2. 4.75 "Say My Name" Stars!! As usual, Cara McKenna does not disappoint in the latest installment of the Desert Dogs series. When Duncan Welch was introduced in Lay it Down, I was immediately drawn to him - and that was a hard task given all the hotness Vince emitted! So, I could not wait to read Duncan's story. On the outside, Duncan is so handsome, polished, stiff, and seemingly judgmental. However, on the inside he suffers from OCD and low self esteem due to experiences in his childhood.The plo [...]

    3. 4.5 StarsGive It All was a perfectly imperfect romance, an unlikely pairing that I fell head over heels for! Cara McKenna’s writing was beautiful, profound, and hot as hell! Duncan Welch came to Fortuity representing Sunnyside Corporation in their efforts to bring a large casino into the little town, basically overtaking any of the small businesses currently established. One of those businesses is Benji’s bar, a longtime fixture. Needless to say, Duncan isn’t very popular with the locals, [...]

    4. 3.5 Duncan is one Hot mess stars! ;) And have I told you he's british? Dayum I could only think of Tom Hiddleston while reading this le sigh;D“Sex is one of a very few things in this world that I prefer dirty, Ms. Harper.”I think this is the first time the author wrote a hero who is well groom with a healthy chunk of money in his wallet and wear expensive suit, it was so unlike her usual sexy ragged blue collars. Even so Duncan prove to be a certified Cara McKenna hero with his sexy charms a [...]

    5. I didn't like Duncan or Raina in the first book, but they really grew on me in their own book. I think they really fit together as a couple. I still don't think we got all of Duncan's history, but I like where he was headed as a person. of them really. By the time it was all over, I wasn't ready to leave and wanted to park my butt on a bar stool at Benji's and see where their romance was headed next.

    6. ***NOTE: This is NOT an MC romance***4.5 stars!Fuck me. That was incredible! McKenna absolutely nailed it. Turns out uptight snooty Brit can be eye crossingly sexy. Hot damn! Stunning characters, passion, the perfect amount of angst and turmoil, suspense. A little humor, some dirty loving and the perfect blend of crass and properah justah! Plus the hero has a cat and totally dotes on her. So fucking sexy. NowI'm gonna need Case's book. *nods* I really really am. Full review at herding cats & [...]

    7. In the second installment to the Desert Dog series, Cara McKenna has every intention of snatching reader’s attentions and running with it. In GIVE IT ALL, McKenna’s writing is flawless, delving deep into character’s psyche while also introducing an intricate suspense plotline concerning the aftermath of what happened in the first book of the series. While you don’t necessarily need to read the first in the series to appreciate this story, it is ideal if you want the full reading experien [...]

    8. Favorite Quote: "You talk like a robot butler," she said, stroking his hard chest and arms. "Why the fuck does that get me so wet?"For those that read Lay it Down, you've already met our hero and heroine, Duncan Welch and Raina Harper - and if you are anything like me, the idea of these two together is very exciting. Duncan is a lawyer working for the firm that is in the run down town of Fortuity - but it won't be run down for long. Sunnyside is in the beginning stages of building a casino, some [...]

    9. I knew I was going to love Raina & Duncan!!!! This is one unforgettable couple!!! Raina is one of my favorite heroinestally awesome!!!! And who knew what Duncan kept hidden under that suit!!!!This is such an awesome series and I loved this one even more than book #1Great writing, fantastic storyline, unforgettable characters and amazing and incredibly well-written sex scenes.I am totally into the world and lives of the people of Fortuitn't get enough!!!Wish book #3 was here right now!!!I wan [...]

    10. Give It All ของคารา แม็คเคนนาอ่านงานของคารา แม็คเคนนาไปหลายเล่มนะคะ ส่วนใหญ่สอบผ่าน นั่นคืออ่านสนุกใช้ได้ แต่ก็ยังไม่มีเล่มไหนที่ "โดน" ใจเราเต็ม ๆ จนกระทั่งเรื่องนี้Give It All เป็นเล่มที่ส [...]

    11. 4.5 stars!will review laterFull review, as usual, posted also on Ellie Reads FictionThis is the second book in the Desert Dog series of romantic suspense biker stories by Cara McKenna and it's an addictive read with great characters and a twisty suspense plot. The hero, Duncan, oh, boy, he was something else - I really hated him in the first book and when I learned that the sequel will be about him and Rain, I was anxious if and how the authro will developed his character in a convincing way for [...]

    12. After meeting Duncan in Lay It Down, the first book in Cara McKenna's Desert Dogs series, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of Give It All. In the first book he was pompous and perfectly uptight and I just had to see how Ms. McKenna would dirty him up And boy did she!Give It All starts off with Raina in her ex, Miah's, bed and while a part of me secretly hoped that they'd end up together I understood, after a while, why they wouldn't work out. Miah wants a wife and family that is depende [...]

    13. JavaGirl's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsThere is so much that I loved about Cara McKenna's Give It All that I'm not sure where to start. The mystery of Alex Dunn's death, the corruption and the conspiracy surrounding it continues in book 2 of The Desert Dogs series, with a few twists and turns. I found it not just totally believable, but completely compelling. A few pieces of the puzzle fall into place in this book, but not all. Yet, I don't feel frustrated. Ms. McKenna [...]

    14. “You are one steaming hot mess, aren’t you?” And what a glorious mess Duncan Welch isThere is this line in novel when Miah says that he doesn't like Duncan because first time he saw him he wanted to punch him in the face. When I first met Duncan in Lay It Down with his perfect hair and him being all anal about rules, I just wanted to see that fussy, composed guy unhinged and disheveled.I was right: the man is hot as fuck. And this is what entire book comes down to for me: I was immersed no [...]

    15. Wow.just woweverythingspense, sex, character development, witty banterwell done! Thank you for the ARCbut totally buying this book in 2015!Please check out my review d get into this series!talkbookstomeblog.wordpress.c

    16. Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog rating: B+“OCD doesn’t keep you from getting your rocks off, then?” His [Duncan] smile was slow and wicked. “Sex is one of a very few things in this world that I prefer dirty, Ms. Harper.” When we first met Duncan Welsh (Lay It Down), a man connected to a company who was building a casino in the small town of Fortuity, which is not at all welcome by the locals, he seemed like a typical businessman, in it for the money, very straight-laced w [...]

    17. My good impression of Cara McKenna's Desert Dog series, from book 1, lives on as I dove into this second installment, not knowing what to expect because the heroine gave up the seemingly better catch from the beginning.It was like, "Girl, was it worth it?" To go fromto????UmmmWell, for Raina, it wasn't about a man to take care of her, or prestige, or love.For Raina, I think it is about going against the grain. This is because she was born that way, from a very undesirable beginning, and she was [...]

    18. 3.5 Stars. Give it All was an overall better read than the first book of the 'Desert Dogs' series, but was still an uneven read with some slow spots that bordered on boring. Neither of the leads were particularly likable in the beginning, and I didn't warm up to their eccentricities until well into the story. Then there was the rushed ending to nicely wrap it all up. I really like Cara McKenna's writing style, though; and will continue with the series.

    19. Seriously, Mckenna writes messed up men better than just about any other author out there. This was totally Duncan's book. LOVED IT.

    20. 4 Giving it All Stars! Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Signet/Penguin GroupI don't know if I wasn't in the mood or it was too long between books but it took me quite awhile to get engaged in the story.  At last around 26%, I was hooked and couldn't put the book down which didn't fair well for my day of errands and such, but oh well there is always time for a good book. This book immediately starts off where Lay it Down ended, where Duncan has to deal with his choices of helping the [...]

    21. 3.5 - 4Review originally posted on 2/26/15 at For What It's Worth: fwiwreviews/2015/02/reCara McKenna is a must read author for me, although I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy the first book in her new Dessert Dogs series, Lay it Down. One of the reasons for that was how much the secondary characters overpowered the leading couple. Duncan and Raina (the couple in this book) lept off the page and stole every scene they were in. So despite not loving Lay it Down. I knew I was going to give book [...]

    22. Give It All is the second book in the Desert Dogs series which was even better than the first, full of mystery, suspense and action, and of course let's not forget the steamy hot romance to go along with it.It didn't take long once I'd started reading to recall the events of Lay It Down, I really enjoyed reading about Raina and Duncan far more than I thought I would, in the previous book Duncan came across as a British snob who was better than everyone, it's in this story that we find out why he [...]

    23. Oh yeah! OCD has nothing on a good womans charm :) but I loved reading Duncan's story and all the drama and hotness that came with it!

    24. 3.5The appeal of Cara McKenna’s heroes is that they don't hew to the usual romance hero model. They aren’t always model GQ handsome or uber rich. They aren’t happy go lucky individuals. Often dark and broody with a gritty past, they offer no excuses for their actions. They do what needs to be done and will maybe ask for forgiveness afterwards but don’t hold your breath. Yet even with all the warning bells that go off in your head, there is something about them that makes you look twice. [...]

    25. A hard woman bar owner in a hard little town on the edge of nowhere and a man accustomed to refined things and ways who sees this diamond in the rough- and likes her just as she is. The backdrop for the story is a small Nevada desert town chosen to be put on the map by casino developers is fulminating with secrets including the private secrets of its citizens. The Desert Dogs series is gritty, dirty, passionate, intriguing, compelling, and just leaves me thirsty for more.This is book two in the [...]

    26. First reviewed at Red Hot Books redhotbooks/2015/02/reviewCara McKenna is back with her second book in the Desert Dogs series set in the small desert town of Fortuity, Nevada. The murder of a childhood friend has brought the self-named Desert Dogs back together to figure out what is going on in their small town ever since a casino developer burst onto the scene. Just as they uncover one secret, ten more pop up.Duncan Welch, the PR shark for the casino development and once-hated enemy, had bought [...]

    27. This is the second book in the Desert Dogs series, a name that comes from a group of childhood friends who formed a club of sorts, and still have each other's backs even as they've had to deal with the ups and downs of relationships and life in general. There is a continuity to the plot from the first book, in which a casino developer moved into their town and brought some shady dealings, including murder into their midst. You don't have to read the first story to enjoy this one, the setup is la [...]

    28. Review of Audiobook Edition - 3.6 Stars - Review posted at Brooke Blogs.Give It All by Cara McKenna is the second book in the Desert Dogs series. I have not read the first book in the series. Though I haven't been introduced to the characters or settings in this series before, I felt I was easily able to dive into the Desert Dogs world and the town of Fortuity, Nevada. Raina and Duncan couldn't be at more opposite ends of the spectrum. Raina Harper is a tattooed bar owner connected with the Dese [...]

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