The Russian Civil War

The Russian Civil War The Russian Civil War of shaped the mentality of the Soviet regime than any other event in its history The murderous civil war with its million casualties left the Soviets with a lastin

  • Title: The Russian Civil War
  • Author: Evan Mawdsley
  • ISBN: 9781841580647
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Russian Civil War of 1917 1924 shaped the mentality of the Soviet regime than any other event in its history The murderous civil war with its 7 10 million casualties left the Soviets with a lasting mistrust of the outside world that remained in force until the end of the regime 65 years later.

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    1. I was inspired to learn more about the Russian Civil War after watching "The Red and the White"—a Hungarian film circa 1965 which is a fictionalized account of Hungarians who volunteered in the international contingent of the Red Army. Apparently a large number of Hungarians volunteered to fight for the Reds, hoping that a Red victory would speed a communist revolution in their own country. The film was shot in black-and-white and all in Russian and Hungarian, with subtitles (though not everyt [...]

    2. I must admit that, prior to his book, I knew next to nothing about the Russian Civil War, therefore this review will be bare bones in analysis of the information and far more about the readers impressions. The Russian Civil War has to rank as one of the most obscenely complex, and chaotic, conflicts of modern times. Not only a war between Communists (Bolsheviks mainly) on one side and Nationalists (the Whites) on the other, it was also a war with an International dimension where several Western [...]

    3. The blurb on the cover announces this as "the best book ever written on the Russian Civil War." If that is true, then there is room for more books on this topic, for in its 403 pages (not including maps, notes and bibliography) this work can only provide a high-level overview. And it is not an easy read, as it is written in a very dry academic style, and has to tell the story of a very confused and confusing war.It is informative. It does presume a lot of knowledge of the collapse of the Tsarist [...]

    4. This is the type of history book that views war and conflict from the top-down, from sources regarding the leaders like Lenin, Denikin, Trotsky, Stalin, et al and then uses soldier memoirs and critical documents to corroborate sources. So, it is a strategic and political history from the major players of the war in a concise history of a many-sided conflict, researched at a time when new data was finally released from the old Soviet archives. What is missing are more voices from the lower echelo [...]

    5. Hundreds of thousands died on the battlefield, tens of thousands more were executed for treason or merely found themselves of the wrong nationality and in the way of two relentlessly unpleasant sides in a war which has been described as the greatest disaster to have afflicted mankind. Millions died of disease and hunger while fanatics fought over their own peculiar visions of what being Russian should mean. It's an unremittingly depressing and brutal history, but it succeeds by scotching the Sta [...]

    6. Adequate, more-or-less readable, but far from great. Lifeless even for an academic history. For a subject for which geography is both unfamiliar to many readers and critical to the narrative, the maps are poor, too few, and badly placed. There's little else wrong with the book, but little to recommend it: it's neither devoid of sociopolitical insight nor particularly sharp, no evidence of new archival work, neither show evidence of nor generates particularly deep insights. It's a solid linear-na [...]

    7. An interesting account of the campaigns of the russian civil war. This made for an interesting read with the only criticism being that it was so heavily focussed towards the military aspects of the civil war and only really touched on the political and cultural aspects of the civil war briefly. For those interested in the actual campaigns and battles of the civil war though this is a great place to turn to.

    8. I think my problem when reading this book was that it probably should have been the third or fourth book about this subject that I read, but it was the first

    9. Brief account of the Russian Civil War. Examines role of Nationalities, why the Whites failed, and ineptitude of both sides. Wish there was more on the Allied involvement and the war with Poland.

    10. I found the book to be very difficult to follow: a confusing cast of characters and not very logically presented.

    11. Originally published in 1987, Evan Mawdsley's The Russian Civil War remains a solid introduction for the general reader to a little-discussed period of Russian history (amongst popular historical readers).Though it may read a bit dated, given the history of the last 30 years, The Russian Civil War has it merits and is a solid piece of scholarship. Recommended for readers of Russian history and civil war buffs. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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