Cyborg Fury

Cyborg Fury He s forbidden He s tempting He s dangerous Cyborgs are no longer mere combat machines and are preparing to integrate into society Natasha is a nurse at a cyborg rehabilitation center who discovers th

  • Title: Cyborg Fury
  • Author: Lisa Lace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s forbidden He s tempting He s dangerous Cyborgs are no longer mere combat machines and are preparing to integrate into society Natasha is a nurse at a cyborg rehabilitation center who discovers that her father has hidden one in his home a soldier nicknamed Fury who was too risky to rehabilitate If anyone finds out, they will terminate him Natasha is intrigued bHe s forbidden He s tempting He s dangerous Cyborgs are no longer mere combat machines and are preparing to integrate into society Natasha is a nurse at a cyborg rehabilitation center who discovers that her father has hidden one in his home a soldier nicknamed Fury who was too risky to rehabilitate If anyone finds out, they will terminate him Natasha is intrigued by the challenge of helping Fury As a woman recently separated from her cheating husband, she can t help but notice his handsome features and muscular build The time she spends working with the rapidly improving cyborg, the he seems like a better and sexier man than her ex ever was But Natasha s ex won t accept that their marriage is over He s not above resorting to threats and violence to get her back Fury must find a way to protect Natasha and forge a future with her, even though his existence is illegal Cyborg Fury is Book 2 in the Burning Metal series and a STAND ALONE, full length science fiction romance There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed Burning Metal reading order Cyborg Heat Cyborg Fury Cyborg Seduction

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    One thought on “Cyborg Fury”

    1. Oh it ends up worse than my update. I kept waiting to see how they were going to integrat Fury into the system but instead we get a stupid plot, (view spoiler)[ Her husband meets people at his bar and one happens to "know" about cyborgs and was in the cyborg project before shut down. And coincidentally it is the doctor who created Fury. Yea right! Fuck this is idiotic as a plot. Why not use his roguness or something but no. The husband wants to get back with her so badly he will blackmail her in [...]

    2. CYBORG FURY by Lisa Lace was a fascinating story that kept me rapt and needing to know what would happen next. I typically listen to my audio books as I drive, but this one I listened to when I was at home and could have been reading from my Kindle. I loved the danger, the emotional situations, the romance, and always the science fiction aspect that allows the author even more freedom to use her imagination as she builds her characters, and their abilities. Fury was complex, a warrior to be sure [...]

    3. I just couldn't engage with this one no matter my love for cyborgs. It might be long opening in the mind of neither the hero or the heroine. It might be the fact the the heroine is still married though unhappily at the start of the book. I think I would have liked the book better it started later.

    4. Natasha is carrying on a family tradition in medicine. Her father may create Cyborgs, but she is helping them rehab and re-enter civilian life. But when she walks in on her slimeball husband doing the dirty with a bar bunny, she realises that she is not so much heart broken but embarrassed. She returns to live with her father but soon her world is rocked again when he dies unexpectedly. But the biggest surprise in store is when she enters the basement and finds her dad's last project, an honest [...]

    5. Cyborg Fury: A Science Fiction Cyborg Romance (Burning Metal Book 2)By: Lisa Lace5 out of 5 starsThe story Cyborg Fury: A Science Fiction Cyborg Romance (Burning Metal Book 2) by Lisa Lace is science fiction book with plenty of romance. Natasha is a nurse at a cyborg rehabilitation center. She finds out that her father has one of the cyborgs he worked with in his basement. She is intrigued by the challenge or helping Fury to become ready to re-enter society. The only thing is that Natasha’s ex [...]

    6. tak sme sa dozvedeli vlastne houby, ani len kyborgovo reálne menook.1. čakala som smut, nakoniec len 3 sexuálne scény, nečakané prekvapenie2. hrdinka sa snaží tváriť ako emancipovaná moderná žena, ale autorka nechápe čo feminizmus je, inak by netrepla že túžiť po dominantnom alfa chlapovi je proti feministickému mysleniue je, hlupaňa, mať alfa chlapa čo ťa nepustí do školy, práce, za volant auta alebo voliť anti-feministické! Užiť si môžeš s kým chceš.3. Konie [...]

    7. Natasha had a really bad day when she returns home to her husband and realises what a total and utter douchebag he really is. Returning home to her dad changes everything for her.  Her dad has done something naughty that could land him in trouble hahaha. But unfortunately he hasn't got to deal with the consequences and it leaves Natasha having to deal with it all. Somehow I don't think she is going to mind so much. Fury isn't that much of a chore :)Fury a cyborg that has always had a bit of ang [...]

    8. Fury & Natasha ♡ Out of desperation, loyalty, and love.e Natasha tries to continue the rehab work on Fury, a Cyborg rescued from termination by her now deceased father. After he died peacefully in his sleep, Natasha was faced with a daunting task, to continue her father's last project, giving Fury a chance at a normal life. As she starts working with him, they have a sizzling hot encounter that neither can forget. Soon to be exhusbands, former Cyborg Central corrupt Dr.'s, unlocked memorie [...]

    9. He was hidden by his creator when all the Cyborgs were set free. That was illegal. But they wanted to destroy him and he wanted to save him and fix him. Now he is dead and his daughter has to deal with the Cyborg in her basement named Fury. I have enjoyed this book and like the series a lot. This author has created a great series with lots of potential and I hope she has plans for more in the series.This book also had a novella from her TerraMates Series which I also liked a lot I want to read m [...]

    10. This is the 2nd book in burning metal series While the cyborgs are getting ready to integrate back into society Neil has a cyborg in his basement his name is Fury aka FY-485Neil's daughter moved back home to get away from her cheating husband Natasha is a nurse and is helping Fury get back into society like the other cyborgs she has helped. It's full of action, secrets, and betrayal. Loved how fury's character kept changing and growing more human! Great storyline Voluntarily reviewed a copy

    11. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review itAnother great book from Lisa Lace and I do like me a Cyborg!Natasha has to try and rehabilitate Fury, finish what her dad started. Coming by out of her marriage she never expected to fall in love.It is exciting, romantic and a great read, and I recommend this book and Lisa Lace highly

    12. ExcellentThis was a great book! It was a little more technical then the first one, but not hard to follow. Fury is the ultimate alpha male. He has an anger inside of him and Natasha is the on!y one to help him. Natasha is his.

    13. Ohhhhhh.I LIKED Fury! He's a cyborg that knows what he wants and will take it to get it. Natasha was a bit indecisive but under her circumstances you really can't blame a girl. I wish we could of had a bit more to their story but I'm satisfied with the way it ended.

    14. Sexxxy and sweetgreat love story that started in a shaky ground of rebound and physical love and developed into deep loving relationship. Great sex scenes, engaging plot, betrayal, character development - all contributed to a smooth and yummy read.

    15. Just can't finish this one. I like strong guys but creepy doms just make me cringe. Not sure if this book will get all the way there but I can see where it's headed. After the icky way the first one endedI just can't.

    16. The more I read this series the more I like it. Fury is definitely a Cyborg I wouldn't mind meeting. *I received an Advance Readers Copy of this book which I am voluntarily reviewing*

    17. Written like lame porn. "I want you to cum all over my tits and my face". Eye roll.I wonder if a guy wrote these; like maybe a sixteen year old misogynist with breast feeding issues.

    18. A cyborg human and a nurse walk into a bar naw it doesn't start like that. A cyborg human is still under wraps of the cyborg sector that was shut down unknown to them. What will become of him when he wakes up and his life is changed forever.Fury aka FY-485 is a cyborg human still under old programming and in sleeping mode right under the old part of Cyborg Sector that is now closed. Unknown to anyone, but a scientist Neil. Who wants to help him get back into society like all the other cyborgs wh [...]

    19. Awesome story line and plenty of action. Lisa is my favorite author when it comes to Cyborg as she puts just enough detail in, the imagination just goes with the flow. I was given a free ARC copy of this story in exchange for an honest review

    20. Cyborg Sector was being shut down. Dr. Neil Daniels’ career would be over. The government no longer wanted to change people into super-soldiers. Neil was sneaking back into the dark, empty building. His pass card still worked, so he had the access he needed. He had an unstable, potentially violent cyborg nicknamed Fury that was slated for destruction long before. But he had wanted to save it if he could. He now woke it up from the sleep state. Natasha Daniels worked at the Cyborg Rehabilitatio [...]

    21. Am I The Only One Who Rooted for John?Cyborg Fury is the second book in the Burning Metal series and I think it's going to surpass the Terra Mates series because this book is the best yet! Natasha's is a nurse married to degenerate bar owner, when she catches him with his pants down she hightails it to her widowed father’s house and wouldn’t you know it, her bad luck continues, when first she finds out dear old Dad is harboring a cyborg destined for the scrap heap because of anger management [...]

    22. Title:  Cyborg Fury   Series: A Burning Metal Destination:Book 2,, 111 Pages,, StandAlone Author: Lisa Lace Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #SciFi #Cyborg My Score:   #5Stars☆☆☆☆☆♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡Woooooo this author has some scrumptious writings. Absolutely intrigued by this series. Most likely because it could possibly be true. Can you imagine Dr. Frankenstein of the 21st Century buildin [...]

    23. An exciting Cyborg adventure!!The Cyborg Sector has been shut down. Scientists and workers have given early retirement. Dr. Neil Daniel made his career and reputation here, and was not going to walk out empty-handed. No more cameras or security guards – and his pass card still gained him access. In the underground lab he went to the room labeled Destruction. Cyborgs designated as unfit were destroyed on a periodic basis. Fury was one he refused to give up on – and now he was taking the Cybor [...]

    24. I received this audiobook free for an honest review. Lisa Lace is an awesome story teller. I believe I have listened to almost all of the Terramates books and have enjoyed each one. Just started this Burning Metal series and am enjoying it as much as the Terramates Series. Lisa has quite an imagination and a unique way of getting the story across to the reader. As in this book and all her others, she gives you an exciting love story. Michael Pauley does a great job of narrating this book. He doe [...]

    25. The closure of Cyborg Sector has affected the life of everyone. As old jobs were shut down new jobs were open. Dr. Daniels was one of the ones who were forced in to retirement but he does not feel like his job with his cyborg has been finished. His daughter Natasha however has entered into the Cyborg Rehabilitation Center to help cyborgs adjust to their new life.When Natasha’s live-in boyfriend deliberately has her catch him in bed with another woman her world is tossed upside down and an unex [...]

    26. Captivating and sexy with a touch of intrigueI loved so many parts of this story! Oh, who am I kidding? This book is solid in every category. Excellent plot? Check. Compelling characters? Got em. Awful anti-hero? Yup. Scintillating dialogue? Got it. Explicit sexy times? Wow, yeah! I can go on, but really? This book has got everything covered. I loved the cyborg hero and the way he finds himself again. Natasha is a good combination of a strong independent woman who is hiding a need to be dominate [...]

    27. Keeping an unpredictable cyborg in your basement must be a hair raising experience. Especially one as violent as the cyborg known as Fury. Wanting to save him is all well and good but even I got a case of nerves reading this. What was going to happen? It ended better than I expected but not all of my questions were answered. No, not a cliff hanger, just a rather abrupt ending.Where does Fury go after saving her from a quickly changing abusive man? His memory of being a crime fighter, does he act [...]

    28. What do you do with a volatile cyborg that been tagged for termination? You take him home. Dr. Daniels new what he was doing was wrong but he just could not bring himself to destroy Fury. He knew he could figure out what was making the cyborg go off direct orders and demonstrating destructive behavior if he just had a little more time.Fury does not understand what is happening to him but he is willing to be patient until he finds out what is going on with his mind and body.Betray, lies and secre [...]

    29. Received an ARC from Author:This series does not have to be read in order. Each book is a standalone. This is a good thing but I really was wanting to read more on the other rogue soldiers from the first book. That didn't stop me from reading and yes enjoying the book. It is from a different angle and so it was almost like reading a standalone that just happens to be about Cyborgs as in the first book. Kudos to Lisa Lace for making a series that could be standalone yet stay within a certain type [...]

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