The Wee Free Men

The Wee Free Men Another world is colliding with this one said the toad All the monsters are coming back Why said Tiffany There s no one to stop them There was silence for a moment Then Tiffany said There s me Armed

  • Title: The Wee Free Men
  • Author: Terry Pratchett Stephen Briggs
  • ISBN: 9780060785987
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Another world is colliding with this one, said the toad All the monsters are coming back Why said Tiffany There s no one to stop them.There was silence for a moment.Then Tiffany said, There s me Armed only with a frying pan and her common sense, Tiffany Aching, a young witch to be, is all that stands between the monsters of Fairyland and the warm, green Chalk Another world is colliding with this one, said the toad All the monsters are coming back Why said Tiffany There s no one to stop them.There was silence for a moment.Then Tiffany said, There s me Armed only with a frying pan and her common sense, Tiffany Aching, a young witch to be, is all that stands between the monsters of Fairyland and the warm, green Chalk country that is her home Forced into Fairyland to seek her kidnaped brother, Tiffany allies herself with the Chalk s local Nac Mac Feegle aka the Wee Free Men a clan of sheep stealing, sword wielding, six inch high blue men who are as fierce as they are funny Together they battle through an eerie and ever shifting landscape, fighting brutal flying fairies, dream spinning dromes, and grimhounds black dogs with eyes of fire and teeth of razors before ultimately confronting the Queen of the Elves, absolute ruler of a world in which reality intertwines with nightmare And in the final showdown, Tiffany must face her cruel power alone.In a riveting narrative that is equal parts suspense and humor, Carnegie Medalist Terry Pratchett returns to his internationally popular Discworld with a breathtaking tale certain to leave fans, new and old, enthralled.

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    1. I will never be able to write a book as good as this.I just finished reading it again. This is probably my third or fourth time. I love all of Pratchett's books. It's easy to do, as the best of them are utterly excellent, while the worst of them is merely great. This, I think, might be his best. And I love it for so many reasons. It is diamond beyond price among the other brilliant (but perhaps lesser) diamonds.Part of me wants to quote parts of it to you. But I won't. Out of context you can't f [...]

    2. I plan to use this book in the future as a strategic "weapon" for introducing my (future, hypothetical) daughter to the world of Terry Pratchett's imagination. Yes, I see it as a 'gateway drug' to fuel addiction to Sir Terry's writing. And that's the addiction I'm happy to perpetuate.After all, this book introduces Tiffany Aching whom I love to pieces and want to adopt to be my level-headed and practical little sister."Yes! I'm me! I am careful and logical and I look up things I don't understand [...]

    3. I'm a huge fan of dangerous books for boys. I love classic boys literature, whether Dumas's 'Count of Monte Cristo', Kipling's 'Jungle Book', Burroughs 'A Princess of Mars', Tolkien's 'The Hobbit', or Heinlein's juvenile fiction. I love good stories that instruct boys in being adults. I love them for being persistently politically incorrect, not just now but then. I love them because they are stories by people who obviously know boys and know what they need. And, I love them for just being fun a [...]

    4. This was my first Terry Pratchett book. If you a looking for a way into his Discworld series (which is, at last count, 1 million books long), you could do worse. It's a totally separate story arc. It's the first of a shorter sub-series, giving you someplace to go if you like it. It's YA, so it goes down easy. It stars a creative, capable heroine and is in no way about her love of boys, which is always refreshing (still, still this is refreshing). And it's funny.I mean, funny-ish. Funny is so inc [...]

    5. I really, really wish that I had a younger girl cousin to pass this book onto, because I think it's a perfect antidote for some of the books that are enjoying a vogue right now (*cough*Twilight *cough*). Where the latter feature some downright disturbing gender politics,The Wee Free Men has a heroine who's sensible and smart and capable; a realistic, strong relationship between grandmother and granddaughter; a world where women are bounded by preconceptions and gender roles and fears, but a nine [...]

    6. Pictsies not Pixies.While Terry Pratchett’s 2003 Discworld STORY (signifying that it is young adult book) introduces the spunky and likable nine year old protagonist Tiffany Aching (spawning four more books) the true hero(es) of this very enjoyable adventure are the Nac Mac Feegle.Standing six inches tall, ginger bearded and blue tattooed, the Wee Free Men are fearless, profane (in a YA approved package), and like stealing, drinking and fighting. They are as hilarious as minions, kick ass and [...]

    7. Usually, I'm at a loss when it comes to Christmas gifts. I don't like to give articles of clothing and gift cards feel too impersonal. I get by with the occasional bottle of perfume, compilation album or with some silly toy, but this year I think I've stumbled on a real gem: I bought The Wee Free Menbecause it is by Pratchett and because it says on the back cover the heroine is nine year's old. Turns out is is one of the very best in the whole Discworld catalogue, one of the funniest but also on [...]

    8. This was absolutely lovely! It's the first Discworld book that I've read that's for a younger audience, and the first Tiffany book. I really loved her and the setting of her little world within the Discworld.The writing as always is charming and funny, and the plot of this story, while simple enough, is very enjoyable and with more clarity than some of the other books I've read. I adored the Nac Mac Feegles and their Scottish accented dialogue, and I love the witches, so that element was lovely [...]

    9. Netgalley arc provided by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.“If you trust in yourself. . d believe in your dreams. . d follow your star. . . you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy.”Pure Pratchett, an ageless story with universal appeal to both children and adults. This is one of the most serious stories of Discworld, as Terry Pratchett knew perfectly well that if you write to and about children, you have to be [...]

    10. This was a book club read. I hadn't read anything by Terry Pratchett before and the novel certainly wasn't a genre that I've read a lot in. I enjoyed the world building that the author introduced and the delivery of the story. It was fast paced. I felt at heart that it was an adventure, a story of the "little guy" taking on the "big bad meanie" and triumphing against overwhelming odds. It's a theme that I often look for in the novels I read. In this case it was a nine year old girl called Tiffan [...]

    11. How can something be so funny, and at the same time so serious and deep? The whole story and Tiffany herself. She is so earnest, never surprised by the oddest things - wee free men popping up, witches and monsters appearing, the world needing to be saved…she takes all that in her stride. She questions things other people, even adults, take on face value, and she THINKS. About things in general, and also about her own thoughts and reactions. “Yes! I'm me! I am careful and logical and I look u [...]

    12. Young sheep farmer's daughter begins training to be the witch of the chalk hills that she loves. She has the help of a lot of six-inch fairies with drinking problems and pointy swords, which is good because there's no school for learning witchery, unless you think of the whole world as the school.Oh, marvelous. I read the three published books straight through everywhere I went, and I know I disturbed people by standing there beaming in the elevator. There may also have been bouncing.These books [...]

    13. OK, I’m going to start this review with some maths. No! Wait, don’t go. It’s going to be YA style maths and, well, it’s me… so it’ll be dead easy.Though before we begin, you can leave your payment in the basket just over there. Not vegetables. I want chocolate. Not got any? No worries…I’ll wait until you come back from the paper shop*.Back?Right:Hermione Granger + Mildred Hubble + Matilda Wormwood = Tiffany Aching.I’m almost tempted to just leave this review at that because, ho [...]

    14. Following the resounding success of my Locus Quest, I faced a dilemma: which reading list to follow it up with? Variety is the spice of life, so I’ve decided to diversify and pursue six different lists simultaneously. This book falls into my LOCUS Y-A list.I think I’ll always have a soft-spot for imaginative young-adult speculative fiction and as the good people at Locus did such a grand job with picking their Sci-Fi winners, I’ll trust them to single out some special y-a books too.A toast [...]

    15. It is a just a tiny review for this one as sadly I did not enjoy my first try of one of Terry Pratchett's books. I did not gel with the writing style. The style was actually quite similar to that of Neil Gaiman's books and so unsurprisingly I had the same issues. The story itself was too ridiculous to take seriously and I felt like the characters were just inconsequential mouthpieces for the author to crack some jokes and offer a few witty insights on society. Now admittedly I liked the general [...]

    16. I will start this post with another Old School Wednesdays’ confession: I only ever read one Terry Pratchett novel, Good Omens ages ago and that was only because he wrote that in collaboration with Neil Gaiman.I know what you’re thinking right now: “CRIVENS! I can’t believe you haven’t read any Terry Pratchett till now, Ana.”I KNOW, right? Anyway, the real problem with this course of action was of course, WHERE to start, given as how Pratchett has over 40 novels in the Discworld serie [...]

    17. The Wee Free Men is the first book in the Tiffany Aching subseries of Discworld. Calling it “young adult” might be a stretch since the protagonist is nine and I thought the story seemed suitable for a younger audience. On the other hand, as with many children protagonists, she probably behaved as if she were older than a typical nine-year-old. In any case, the story was entertaining enough for an adult to enjoy and I did enjoy it quite a bit.The story is set in a small farming community, whe [...]

    18. I’m presently about half way through reading this marvelous little book. People have been recommending Mr. Pratchett’s work to me for years, and I must say that I’m sorry I took so long to finally start one of his books. I did read Good Omens The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch a while back, which he co-authored with Neil Gaiman, and that book was excellent, but I was going through my NG phase at the time, and moved on to several of Gaiman’s books after reading GO. In [...]

    19. One of Pratchett's best-written novels so far: very precisely polished for the most part, and beautiful, elegaic flashbacks.That polish is the novel's flaw as well as its virtue: it felt too controlled, too avuncular, and too simplistic. And for someone re-reading the entire cycle, rather than using this as a starting point, it felt rather too familiar, both in general outline and in terms of the number of recycled jokes.Having said that, it was good enough to make me want to read the other Tiff [...]

    20. I love love love Terry Pratchett, but I had never picked up his YA series. After he passed, I had a chance to grab the very last one as a special edition which was an easy decision since it was the last Discworld book I'll ever buy; new, anyway. Whew I still don't like typing those words. =(As always, Terry Pratchett wrote amazing characters. Tiffany is great. She's clever and confident; basically everything I wish young girls wanted to be rather than worrying about makeup and boys much too earl [...]

    21. From the review on my blog: Pratchett takes all sorts of fairy tales and children's stories--including one of my faves, Peter Pan--and mashes them into his own tale about Tiffany, a nine-year-old witch in training. Tiffany is gutsy, smart (she's got First Sight and Second Thoughts; I need to develop both myself!), and ethical. In the same way I wanted to be Jo March when I first read Little Women, I can imagine any girl selecting Tiffany as a role model.Pratchett never writes down to his reader; [...]

    22. Previously a 4 star but upped it on a reread due to realising its true brilliance. Nac Mac feegle are a great concept and so well done. All around great fun .And Tiffany is just great. A confident and hard working young girl who does difficult things because someone has to. Inspirational and a much better book role model than a lot of the simpering lovelorn idiots peppered throughout YA fiction. Show Tiffany a glittery vampire she will most likely knock it out cold with her trusty frying pan bef [...]

    23. The first in my planned read-through by end of year of the lovely set of Tiffany Aching books I picked up a couple months back, this is the only one of the series I've read previously. It feels quite different from others in Discworld, we don't really see much of the rest of Discworld in this particular story.The story follows Tiffany, who is a relatively plain farm girl. Trhough a series of magical circumstances - including her brother being whisked away by a faerie queen, a formerly human toad [...]

    24. “Yes,” said a voice, and Tiffany realized that it was hers again. The anger rose up, joyfully. “Yes! I’m me! I am careful and logical and I look up things I don’t understand! When I hear people use the wrong words, I get edgy! I am good with cheese. I read books fast! I think! And I always have a piece of string! That’s the kind of person I am!”Tiffany Aching is flipping awesome. The witches are awesome. Terry Pratchett is awesome. And cheese is awesome.I have to say, with a world [...]

    25. If you haven't read Terry Pratchett, you're missing out--he's one of the most humorous, creative, and profound fantasy writers I've come across. This book is a nice, self-contained story about a young girl, Tiffany Aching, who lives out in the countryside in Pratchett's fantasy world, the Discworld. The story itself is about faeries, but not exactly twinkly sparkly happy faeries. Tiffany Aching is intensely curious and loves to both think and question everything around her, including the simple [...]

    26. This was marketed as a Discworld novel for 'younger readers,' but Ifound the story and style to be no more (or less) juvenile than thatof any of Pratchett's other books. It's the 30th Discworld book, andthe first to feature the character Tiffany Aching (although i wasalready familiar with her from reading 'Wintersmith' - I've nevertried to read Pratchett in order.)Nine-year-old Tiffany's baby brother is kidnapped by the Queen of theElves - an antagonist who spreads winter where ever she goes. Th [...]

    27. Closer to 3.5 stars. I really liked the characters. Tiffany is a really likeable character, not too perfect but not stupid either. I could read about the Nac Mac Feegle all day long. They are hilarious and brave and a little mad. The story itself didn't grab me. The two or three chapters towards the end with the Queen just dragged a little. That said, there is more than enough here for me to keep going with the series and find out what else Tiffany gets up to.

    28. Ļoti brīnišķīga grāmata par sava ceļa meklēšanu un pieaugšanu, vismaz tā es to uztveru. Tas viss ar lielu piedzīvojumu, humoru un foršiem palīgiem - Nakmak Fīgliem. Ļoti laba grāmata, kura man noteikti būtu patikusi arī bērnībā, jo beidzot galvenā varone ir meitene, kura pati tiek ar visu galā, ir gudra un attapīga. Bravo!

    29. Brilliant! Or, should I say, Crivens! I love Terry Pratchett's work, and his latest endeavors into Takes-Place-On-Discworld-But-Isn't-A-Discworld-Novels are, if possible, even better than just your standard Discworld novels. If you could ever have a 'standard' Discworld novelPremise: A 9 year old proto-witch's little brother gets stolen by the evil Queen (or quin) of the Faeries. (what is with all the books with evil fae in them lately!). She has the makings of a powerful witch someday, but righ [...]

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