No Place, Louisiana

No Place Louisiana Compared to Dorothy Allison and Frank McCourt debut novelist Martin Pousson has written a masterly portrait of the American Dream gone wrong set in Louisiana s Cajun country When marriage to a man w

  • Title: No Place, Louisiana
  • Author: Martin Pousson
  • ISBN: 9781573229760
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Compared to Dorothy Allison and Frank McCourt, debut novelist Martin Pousson has written a masterly portrait of the American Dream gone wrong, set in Louisiana s Cajun country When marriage to a man with a high school diploma fails to make a waitress s dreams come true, her children become the focus of her fiercest hopes and most damaging desires.

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    One thought on “No Place, Louisiana”

    1. Can I like and desperately hate this book at the same time? I found this book to be unnerving, yet oddly moving. Pousson evokes almost every emotion imaginable with this. I was angry, sad, depressed,and shocked throughout. This is not a happy, peppy Southern novel, so if you're looking for light read I'd find another book. I enjoyed Pousson's writing style but it did take me a bit to get into it.

    2. I think some of the reviewers who hated this book so much and thought it was so unrealistic are too young to have lived through the 50s and 60s. There was a time when people, especially men, simply didn't talk about their feelings. It's easy to forget how far we've come in the past 50+ years. I think this book is amazing and heartbreaking.

    3. Wow! What a surprisingly excellent book! Although I just didn't really care about any of the characters, they were so much a car wreck that I just couldn't stop spying into their lives. I really enjoyed this one. A nice slice of life book about a not so nice slice of life. Not quite as bad as a life as Precious, but pretty darn bad.

    4. Well written,disturbing,beautiful in a terrible way. Mr. Pousson delves into his characters hearts. If the story wasn't a tragedy, it could be described as a comedy of errors. I wanted to grab the main characters and shake them and tell them to pay attention to someone other than themselves for just a moment.While it got pretty raw in parts, I did admire the way that Mr. Pousson showed the seamy world the characters lived in, without getting raunchy. His insight into the racism and social mores [...]

    5. This is an excellent book. It took me a few chapters to get used to Pousson's style of writing, but then I was hooked. Very sad, very real. If you are looking for a happy, uplifting story to get away from reality, this is not the book for you. If you are looking for a moving drama that will inspire emotions in you, including anger and sadness, this is an excellent book. Can't wait to read more from this author!

    6. I may be slightly partial to this piece, seeing as I've had the pleasure of meeting Martin Pousson on several occasions during his time at Loyola, but I fell in love with it. Especially as someone who grew up in the North, I found the family dynamics really interesting. The prose was also just beautiful.

    7. Wow this book was intense. And horribly depressing. But so, so good in so many other ways -- the telling of the story, the perfect capturing of "place," the character development . . .I would've rated it a 4 but it's hard to say you really liked something so soul-shattering, I think.

    8. great book until the vague ending. it bothers me to get totally invested into the characters in a novel only to have the author leave them hanging with no conclusion. grr.

    9. I picked up this book because it is set in Acadiana; Cajun country; aka: Where I currently live. I was hoping to read it and feel some mystery or romance about the place, to keep my mind settled for the next year and to stop it from wishing I could move to all those mysterious places I read about. That did not happen.I read this book in two days; rather, about 18 hours. Initially I felt like the story was so awful and boring that something interesting must happen soon So I kept on reading at a f [...]

    10. Finished this one last night before starting "A Long Way Down" by Nick Hornsby. Southern lit tends to be a bit difficult, because it is "alien" to me. That said, I like the conversational -almost point/counterpoint style of this one. It is bleak, almost in a cliche way, but the story shines through that. It makes you uncomfortable But in the ways I assume that it was meant to. Edit: Finding out more about the author makes me understand so much more about the likeability/unlikeability of the char [...]

    11. I found this a horribly depressing book. The characterizations were so over the top and the communication between them so missing that it was not at all believable. There was no character who behaved in any kind of realistic manner, so I found myself very frustrated just reading it. I kept hoping for one person to make sense, but they never did. We never got even a hint of the kids' feeling or thoughts, and the only character I liked at all was Louis Sr.

    12. It's rare to find a novel that both illustrates in well-wrought prose a true sense of place AND a novel written by a man who can actually write about the horror of a woman trapped in a loveless marriage with a controlling man. This novel does all of those things and more. Wonderful, albeit very depressing, read.

    13. Depressing/bleak and only interesting if you want to read English with some Cajun french words thrown in. Happy things happen in Louisiana too!

    14. excellent, good characterization, great snapshot of Cajun culture and southern Louisiana life, both funny and sad

    15. Apparently everyone in Louisiana speaks Cajun French, and then they follow it with the English translation. Uh, ok. No sympathy for the shallow, bratty, selfish main character.

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